Zacchaeus was a tax collector who often cheated people and kept the extra money for himself. He had heard about Jesus and wanted to know all about him. So when he found out Jesus was coming to town he decided to go and see for himself!

There was a big crowd and Zacchaeus was only a short man, so he decided to climb a tree so that he could see. He was very surprised when Jesus stopped by the tree. Jesus spoke directly to him… “Zacchaeus come down! I want to come and have a meal in your house”

How did Jesus know Zacchaeus name?! After talking to Jesus, Zacchaeus became a different person, he gave back all the money he had cheated from people and gave money to help others.

Read the whole story in Luke 19:1-9

Now here is a question for you…

Why was Zacchaeu so surprised that Jesus knew his name? Would you be surprised if a person you didn’t know called out your name?