Consecration of the Bishop of Zululand

This is to let you all know that the consecration and enthronement of the 15th Bishop of Zululand – Vikinduku Mnculwane – will be happening on the 12th September at 12.30pm (11.30 UK time).

The Diocese of Carlisle has been linked to the Diocese of Zululand for over 40 years, so these are our precious brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have had the privilege of visiting the diocese on two occasions and returned with my faith and vision renewed, as I’ve seen the churches there grapple with social and environmental challenges but always with confidence in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Vikinduku comes with many qualifications for his new role. Please pray for him and the people of Zululand.

Alan Bing

Event Details

12th September 2021 – 19th September 2021