Cafe Church – Devotional Classics

If you come along to Cafe Church, we hope you will enjoy our next series of talks and find them helpful in your own faith and life.

Like many other Christians, you may find from time to time that you need to re-examine your faith. Either the certainties you have grown up with do not hold any more, or you find that there is a missing dimension. In ‘Devotional Classics’, Richard Foster argues that the Christian faith has five great traditions – Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice and Evangelical – and that we need to experience all these traditions if we are to have a balanced vision of faith and life.

With this in mind, we are having a Café Church series during June and July on Devotional Classics. We will be looking at six Christian mystics and theologians from past centuries whose insights have withstood the test of time and have something fresh to say to our day and age:

  • 16 June – John of the Cross and purifying the soul
  • 23 June – Brother Lawrence and practising the presence of God
  • 30 June – Theresa of Avila and the interior castle
  • 7 July – Ignatius of Loyola and the spiritual exercises
  • 21 July – Catherine of Siena and the bridge to God
  • 28 July – Francis of Assisi and the little flowers

Do come if you can.

For the first time, we will be having our Confirmation Service during Café Church on 14 July, and Café Church will break for the summer during August.

Event Details

23rd June 2019

6:30 pm