Hello UPC Family and anybody else who would like to join in.
Do you need another suggestion for something practical to do whilst in isolation?  Well I’m going to give you one anyway……….

Please can you help us to make the Church yard and gardens a more friendly place to our native bird and bug population.  Bird houses and Bug hotels, houses, flats and retirement bungalows are needed as we work towards becoming more biodiverse.
This activity will also help with our bid for funding for our Restoration Mission and is part of our wonderful FUNdraising (at home) calendar.

Here are some ideas for how to build your bug homes.  Feel free to decorate it with your unique family crest/moto so it can be identified in years to come and the bugs can give you a review on tick advisor………

There are also hundreds of ideas on Pinterest.
Please also refer to Pinterest and the internet for Bird House ideas.

Take a photo of your bug home / bird house for posting on the UPC Church Family Facebook page.  We will issue prizes for our favourite constructions.
Any further questions, please ask Amy Fidler or Kristen Negaard.

Happy building.


Event Details

2nd May 2020 – 16th May 2020