The studies provided here are based on the main Sunday lectionary readings for the church year (Year C). You are welcome to use these studies for your own meditation, for Home Group sessions, or as an additional resource to complement and reinforce the message of the Sunday sermon.


Our studies for Lent focus on the theme of “Good News for the Poor”.

The Old Testament lectionary readings all have a consistent theme – God’s loving, faithful and unconditional provision for those who trust in him, rather than in this world’s resources. If we truly place our faith and confidence in God, then we will never need to worry about our earthly needs and material security. Instead we can focus on using our gifts and resources for the purposes of God’s kingdom, free to share whatever we have with those in spiritual or physical need.

Lent 1 (March 10th) – There but for the Grace of God…

We must always come before God with a humble heart, recognising that He is the source of all that we have and all that we are. “But for the grace of God” we could be in the same position as the poor, the homeless, the refugee. This realisation should encourage us to show compassion and practical care for those in need.


Lent 2 (March 17th) –  Grace rejected… but never withheld

Jesus wept over the people of Jerusalem who rejected him and watched him die a cruel death at Calvary. God continues to offer his grace to all who will repent and turn to him in faith. Do we love the lost as Jesus did. Are we prepared to go beyond our own comfort zone, or to be criticized and misunderstood, in order to reach those who are still outside the kingdom of God?


Lent 3 (March 24th) – No excuse for unfruitfulness

The Israelites in the wilderness were punished for their grumbling, lack of trust, hankering after worldly appetites – God was looking for faith, obedience, and contentment with His plan and provision, whatever the cost. How do we react when God takes us out of our comfort zone? Fruitfulness only comes with pruning and trials (James 1:2-4)


Lent 4 (March 31st) – When the world lets us down

The OT reading tells us how God provided a smooth transition from the supply of manna in the wilderness to the first harvest in the Promised Land. This world’s resources provide no such security. Unexpected events can leave people homeless, destitute, often through no fault of their own. The prodigal son discovered just how badly the world’s riches can let us down. How do we reach out to those who find themselves  in desperate need?


Lent 5 (April 7th) – All for God:

Are we ready to give everything in this world to gain Christ?



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