Jan 2021 --- Monument mapping survey

Marvellous Monument Mapping Mission

Excitement is mounting! There has been quite a buzz of fantastic volunteer activity in the churchyard in recent weeks! As of the end of January, the next phase of this project is complete! Over the past year, a load of wonderful volunteers have been continuing the good works of local historian Jennifer Snell! Our Mission has been to clear, photograph and record each of the 575 monuments in the churchyard (and another 100 in the church building).

Last Friday spring-like weather was a blessing, as Atlantic Geomatics successfully photographed & surveyed our monument yard! Next, they will provide a working blue print of our monuments in the yard! We will be asking volunteers to help identify the monuments on the blue print in preparations to create the interactive map.

Once online, this interactive map will enable people to search for their ancestors, find a particular memorial or explore the rich heritage stories Ulverston Parish Church has to offer. As it goes live, access details will be available on UPC website:

Jan 2021 --- Monument Mapping Survey Preparation


The Marvellous Monument Mapping Mission, having racked up 840 volunteer hours needs YOUR help to complete the next phase. In order for all the external gravestones and tombs to be photographed, a number of them need clearing of ivy and other growth before the end of the January. On a “many hands make light work” basis, we would like as many people as possible to do a little, achieving a lot! The outdoor tasks to be done (within Covid restrictions) on each Saturday in January with a variety of jobs to suit all ages, sizes and abilities. Individuals are also welcome to work at their convenience during the week. Brooms, rakes, and other equipment can be provided, or you can bring your own. e.g. some work requires thick gardening gloves for brambles! Enjoy some family fun and exercise in the fresh air!! See how many tasks you can tick off the list!! To sign up, or for more details, contact Kristen O’Brien 07963 376388 or