Our church buildings constantly need maintaining. At the same time we as working towards decreasing carbon emissions and helping reduce our impact on climate change. Below you will find a record of some of the major milestones in the ongoing restoration work.

September 2021 --- Restoration of Bell Tower celebration

See pictorial record of the Bell Tower retoration.

April 2021 --- New windows installed in Parish Centre

New office windows are being installed to reduce heat loss. Our next, nearly final, phase will be to renew insulation in the attic space to further improve our energy efficiency as we maintain our Eco Church Bronze Award status!

April 2021 --- Restoration begun on the South Aisle

After assessing the condition of the cement mortar and stones of the church walls and tower, builders have started work to replace damaged stonework in the South Aisle. This process will create an example of the type of joint we might use for the restoration works. They will also repair some damaged stone around the West door.

April or May 2021 --- Bell Beam to be Stabilised

A faculty has been approved and funding obtained for the work on the bell frame to be stabilised and the bell bearings and running gear to be replaced. Work will start in spring 2021.

Feb 2021 --- Damp survey

Two men & a third woman (below) conducted a Damp Survey on 4 Feb on our tower establish the dampness of the 1930’s installed pointing.

Nov 2020 --- Parish Centre: Renewal

Redecorating the Parish Centre began last February with painstaking preparations by Phil H., followed by a well-coordinated whirlwind volunteer weekend. Parish Centre rooms 3, 2, entry and vestibule were magically redecorated! The bulletin backing boards were refreshed with hessian and rehung, moveable chair arms re-stained and carpets cleaned! Great job by all!

This November a big thank you to Bay Wind Energy Community Trust for their grant for 2 double glazed windows in the Parish centre and also especially to Rebecca Roberts for applying for the grant on our behalf. The photos show the new windows (and new blinds) in room 3. We plan to replace the remaining ceiling lights in room 3 with LEDs early in 2021 to further improve our energy efficiency.