PrayerMate is an app that helps you organise your personal prayer list. With a 5* rating from over 100 users here is how the app is introduced: “Prayer is one of the greatest privileges for the person of faith, and yet most of us wish we were better at it Now when you say to someone ‘I’ll pray for you!’ you can make sure you follow it up.

The Inner Room App comes from 24- 7 Prayer and turns our biggest distraction, our mobile phones, into a prayer tool. You can add people (with or without photos), situations and causes that you want to pray for. You can also be inspired by prayer resources; and tap into various challenges to deepen your prayer life.

 The Pray As You Go app provides a choice of music, a Bible reading (taken from the church lectionary) and suggestions for prayer for each day through the year. A valuable resource for regular churchgoers who like to use Scripture readings as an inspiration for their prayer life.

 If you are new to praying and have not yet found a way to build prayer into your day, why not take a look at the Try Praying website; or ask Carolyn Dykes ( for a Try Praying booklet. Everyone starts somewhere with their conversation with
God our Heavenly Father.