Sunday 17th January 2021

The Second Sunday of Epiphany


” Very truly, I tell you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.” John 1:51

There is also a PDF version of this notice sheet, with additional graphics and full colour, which you may prefer for your own use or to pass on to friends and neighbours.




This weeks Bible readings:

This weeks bible readings:
1 Sam 3:1-10 and John 1:43-end

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The Ulverston Food Waste Project are collecting old Christmas cards for upcycling. They will use them to create new cards for next year. If you have any you are throwing out please think about giving them to the project to use.


Can you help?

Cumbria Resilience Group have shared that schools are struggling with providing laptops for families with limited means. Do you have a spare laptop? If so, please contact your local school.


South Lakes Filling Station

The next South Lakes Filling Station is 21st January 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom. The log-in information is;

  • Meeting ID: 846 9539 7760
  • Passcode: 997294

The speaker will be Kate Patterson, the Director of Gift of Blessing Trust. Kate is a speaker and author of ”Living for Eternity”, “The Promise of
Blessing”, “The Gift of Blessing”. Kate loves seeing people encounter the God who changes lives. For more information please connect David Spiby at djspiby@gmailcom.


Christingle and Christmas Appeal

Thank you to all who contributed to our Christingle collection and Christmas Appeal. We have made the following donations:

The Children’s Society      — £301.27
The Salvation Army           — £107.75
Christian Aid                       — £107.75



The Marvellous Monument Mapping Mission, having racked up 840 volunteer hours, needs YOUR help to complete the next phase. In order for all the external gravestones and tombs to be photographed, a number of them need clearing of ivy and other growth before the end of January. On a “many hands make light work” basis, we would like as many people as possible to do a little, achieving a lot! These outdoor tasks are to be done (within Covid restrictions) on each Saturday in January, with a variety of jobs to suit all ages, sizes and abilities. Individuals are also welcome to work at their convenience during the week. Brooms, rakes, and other equipment can be provided, or you can bring your own. e.g. some work requires thick gardening gloves for brambles! Enjoy some family fun and exercise in the fresh air!! See how many tasks you can tick off the list!! For more details and to see the map, contact Kristen O’Brien at



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How Do You  Pray?  Part 2


’l have found the App ‘Pray As You Go’ to be a helpful resource which I try to use each day. I try to make space afterwards for silent prayer.

I then have different ways in which I pray, I use a variety through the week and not necessarily every day. l have made a string of beads as a prompt to pray for different people. I chose beads that remind me of those I want to pray for. For example, our daughter Merrin loved treasures as a child, so I chose a gold bead for her. The Methodist website has a section called ‘Venerable Beads’ which has a guide on how to use beads to aid praying.

I also finding ‘holding prayer’ helpful where I imagine the person being held in God’s hand. Also, imaginative contemplation where l have a conversation with Jesus.

If I am out walking mostly on the hills, I speak a word (in my head) of a simple prayer such as The Jesus Prayer as I take each step. If I am somewhere more populated, I pray blessing on people and events as they unfold.

I value journaling, guided retreats and listening to podcasts as other ways of strengthening my prayer life.’

Coralie Stangroom


The Inner Room App comes from 24- 7 Prayer and turns our biggest distraction, our mobile phones, into a prayer tool. You can add people (with or without photos), situations and causes that you want to pray for. You can also be inspired by prayer resources; and tap into various challenges to deepen your prayer life.
Jesus said ‘When you pray go into your inner room’ Matt 6:6


’Since retirement Pete and l have each developed a separate ‘special’ time with God, along with our usual bible reading notes together.

I sit looking out to the garden and a vast expanse of sky which leads very naturally into praise prayer. Then I read from whichever book of the bible I’m working through, choosing as much or as little as I sense appropriate for that day.

I use a notebook to record how God has spoken to me through the text (and sometimes talk to Him about it!) Next, I use the other half of my notebook to pray through two lists; one is material I share with a Prayer Partner which includes relatives and friends. The other list is where family/friends or even someone less well known to me has asked for prayer or where I can see prayer is needed. (I really ought to write “Thank You” when these answers come.)

These times of prayer and reading are incredibly variable, sometimes full of surprises, other times a determined effort Sometimes I pray in tongues (especially when worshipping God), sometimes not. It’s good not to be rigid. However, I am learning steadily how to use this as a framework, not as a cage!’

Mary Taylor


Pray as you can, not as you can’t