Sunday 7th November 2021

‘Then he called his disciples and said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, this poor
widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury.’

Mark 12:43

There is also a PDF version of this notice sheet, with additional graphics and full colour, which you may prefer for your own use or to pass on to friends and neighbours.


Bible readings for 7th November

  • Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17
  • Mark 12:38-44


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RHS – Cumbria In Bloom 2021 Assessment Awarded

Residents of Ulverston, including UPC, have been tickled pink by their green success after being named best town in Cumbria in a horticulture competition. Our RHS-Cumbria-in-Bloom Assessment is as follows: “UPC is a large site when taken as a whole;

  • Established garden area at the front of the Church
  • Recycling of green waste and the unused produce from the Ulverston Food Waste Project
  • Biodiversity / Wildlife area at the rear and south
  • Restoration of the wooded ancient burial ground to the north and east

 Areas of responsibility are well managed as a whole and at the same time as separate working groups. There is excellent support from the wider community, spaces have been created for a wide variety of uses. All work carried out is done sympathetically, paying particular attention to the fabric of the Church and the sacred spaces of the burial ground. A large variety of wildlife habitats have been created on the site. A pleasant and welcoming space for Church goers and passers by alike. Going forward we need to… Continue to keep monuments clear of brambles, ivy and saplings in order to stem further deterioration. Perhaps divide the wooded monument area into small sections and encourage individuals to adopt a space to maintain after clearing. Continue to record species found when and where.”

St Mary’s Parish Church Gardening Groups were assessed as;

  • It’s Your Neighbourhood Level 4 – Thriving (out of 5)
  • Biodiversity Silver Gilt (4 out of 5)
  • Woodland Copse Silver Gilt (4 out of 5)

We must manage the environment of our churchyard not simply for our own benefit but for God’s glory. We are called to sustain, protect and enhance His works. Eco-Church will be active this winter doing good works in the churchyard on weekends and weekdays as individual’s schedules allow. Please contact Alice Barrett or Kristen O’Brien if you would like to lend a hand for God’s glory…

Hot off the Press

Commemorative Christmas Bell and Holly-lujah greeting cards are now available at Maker’s Market, found at the back of the church on the left as you come through the doors.

This week is our Freshers Fair

Here is a list of groups;

Home Group
Bell Ringers
Parish Fellowship
Music Group
Junior Church


 Youth Group
CAP debt Centre
The Lunch Bunch
Pastoral team & Home Communion


Gardening Team
Eco Church Team
The Maintenance tea

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