Sunday 30th May 2021 

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I; send me!’ Isaiah 6:8

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This weeks Bible readings:

  • Isaiah 6:1-8
  • John 3:1-17

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Since announcing our changed pattern of worship post-lockdown, a number of people have expressed their questions and concerns, especially regarding the decision not to re-start Café Church. So, it may be helpful to set out in more detail the reasons for this decision.

Even before lockdown, the leaders of Café Church had felt that God was saying that it was right to stop Café Church in its current form, even though it was still relatively well attended. Something similar happened with Soul Survivor. Instead, we felt it would be right to focus on youth and young adults on Sunday evenings, who are all but absent from our other services. There were also practical reasons for coming to this conclusion. In particular, the number of available musicians had diminished, and we were finding it hard to resource this service as well as at 10.30.

This lack of capacity is even more evident as we emerge from lockdown and seek to integrate the in-person and digital aspects of our worship. The new 9am service requires wardens, AV and sound; we are planning for the 10.30 to be an all-age service (which tends to be resource-hungry) and to include active livestreaming; we have started 3pm services at Pennington on alternate Sundays; and some people have decided during lockdown to step down from active ministry. In fact, we are still looking for people to serve on AV, as welcomers, as livestreamers, etc. so that the new pattern can be sustainable. We don’t want to overstretch people and need to look after our existing volunteers, for whom we are very grateful.

Also, there is still plenty of choice on a Sunday. We hope that those who valued the informality of Café Church will find this at 10.30; that those ministering at one service can be ministered to at another, in the morning or afternoon.

We are not ruling out something taking the place of Café Church when the new pattern of worship is bedded in – if there is a God-given vision for something new, and enough people are called to lead it and resource it on a sustainable basis.

Above all, may I encourage all of us to pray for God’s Holy Spirit to breathe new life into all we do and to draw others into the fellowship of those who worship Christ and choose to take up our cross and follow him daily. 



We would just like to say another enormous thank you to all our amazing church family for all the support you have shown us in the last two months. Since Benjamin was born we have received so many beautiful cards, gifts, cakes and offers of help that we have been sincerely overwhelmed. Not to mention the generous donation we received! Since we have been so well resourced we haven’t spent the money on anything yet but in a few months Benjamin’s head will stop bobbing around like a cork in water so we plan to invest in a high chair and embark on the messy adventure of baby led weaning!

Baby Fish is thriving and taking everything in his stride. Perhaps those extra three weeks in the tank prepared him well to cope with the outside world! Going so far ‘overdue’ and acting ‘outside medical advice’ was quite scary and I felt a lot of pressure to be induced so I took heart in this verse from Psalm 139; ‘Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.’

Breastfeeding pain, tongue tie, thrush (that turned out not to be thrush!), leaky nappies, poo explosions, impatient cries, weight gain anxieties (baby AND mother!), haywire emotions, broken sleep, neck snuggles, finger grasps, beaming smiles, coos and giggles and a greater love than we could ever have imagined: our journey of parenthood has been at times overwhelming but mostly the greatest joy we have ever known.

We thank God every day for this blessing and although it would be easy to place Benjamin at the centre of our world we have to remember that without our Saviour we would have nothing and be nothing. I bring to mind the verse in John’s gospel; ‘Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.’

So thank you once more for your love and generosity and we look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Lots of love,

Hannah and Isaac Fishwick


Please note there will be no Junior Church on 30th May nor 6th June as it is the half term holiday.


To mark World Environment Day on 5 June, will you join thousands of others in a national day of prayer for the climate crisis?

Prayer in the Park is a prayer event uniting people and churches across the UK. We’ll be celebrating the beauty of God’s world, repenting of the damage we’ve done to creation that is also hurting people living in poverty, and seeking God’s heart for a fairer world that works for
everyone. Meeting at 10am in the UPC church yard, Saturday 5th June.


The Ulverston Food Waste Project

… was formed in 2019 with the aim of reducing the amount of food being sent to landfill and to redistribute  it within our local area. As you probably know, it operates out of the parish centre. ‘Open to everyone, help us save all this lovely food from landfill Pay as you feel able. Come and have a browse of our Free Shop for clothes, toys and homewares too. 


Work in progress on the bell tower

Lift off

Ladder placed where steel beam will be inset into tower wall above bottom beams of bell frame. Once secured the entire 6 bell frame (with bells in place) will be lifted off the girders below.

After girders are replaced, steel beams will remain to reduce lateral frame movement.

Disassembly for Renovations

 Selected sliders, pulley blocks, clappers and tenor bell wheel with iron bracing to be renovated for the first time since 1934.

Spiritual Furness

Considering the heritage our Churches in this parish, we realise the history (both past & present) of our churches includes a number of individuals who have contributed in a wide variety of ways to the faith journey of both our local community and the wider world. By the end of June we aim to capture a collection of Spiritual Life stories from a variety of people in the church and the community in which we live and work.
Over the next few weeks we will be asking everyone in our congregations to share their Spiritual Life stories. What has been your journey? What story or stories best illustrate a time in your Spiritual Life?

DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE HERE for further information.


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