15th November


“Be silent before the Lord God! For the day of the Lord is at hand; the Lord has prepared a sacrifice, he has consecrated his guests.” Zephaniah 1:7

There is also a PDF version of this notice sheet, with additional graphics and full colour,
which you may prefer for your own use or to pass on to friends and neighbours.




15th November

Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18
Matthew 25:14-30






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Matthew 25:14-30


  • Are you good at saving money? Or do you spend it straight away?
  • Have you ever made money? How did you do it and how did it
    make you feel?
  • This story isn’t just about money. What else could it be about?
  • How do you best use your gifts from God? Moreover, how do you
    improve on them?


Imagine you are given £100. What kind of business would you set up in order to make more money? Think of a service or product to sell and a catchy name for your business. How would it use your gifts and talents?


Jesus used his gifts and talents by  visiting the sick and imprisoned,
clothing the naked, welcoming the stranger and feeding the hungry.
Draw a large present box with a bow and inside write all the different ways that you use your gifts and talents to help others.


Find some coins and use these prayer prompts.
If you have:

1p – pray for babies
2p – pray for toddlers
5p – pray for 5 year olds
10p – pray for 10 year olds
20p – pray for 20 year olds
50p – pray for 50 year olds
£1 – pray for 100 year olds (or the elderly in general)


Church Services in Lockdown

During this lockdown period, the church building will be closed to public worship, but it will remain open for private prayer on Wednesday from 09.00-12.00. The 9am Sunday service will be livestreamed on Facebook, but only those leading the service will be able to attend. We will continue with Junior Church on Zoom at 10.00 and Zoom worship at 10.30. Please contact the parish office if you have any questions. 

The Parish office will be closed to the public in this current lockdown. This is for the saftey of the staff. If you need something from the office, even if you have keys, please contact Jen Cox on 01229 588081 or


‘A call to Prayer’

During our current lockdown Archbishops Justin and Stephen are calling on us to pray. They encourage us to make Thursdays during lockdown a day of prayer and fasting and to consider lighting a candle at 6pm as a symbol of hope. There are a range of resources on the Church of England website to help you get involved as you are able, do take a look.

To conclude the period of national prayer we will be holding our own day of prayer and fasting on Thursday 3rd December, please ‘save the date’ details to follow.

And finally a reminder that if you would like prayer for yourself or someone else please do not hesitate to contact the prayer team via or Carolyn Dykes with ChurchSuite.



Due to the current Lockdown, the Admission of our new wardens, John McKenzie and Jill Shephard, will be done via Zoom on 26th November at 7pm. More information to follow.


Twitter and Instagram

We are looking into doing outreach on Twitter and Instagram but we need help with posting on the church accounts. Would you be willing to help? For more information or to voluteer please contact Jen Cox on 01229 588081 or



We need your help! Now we are Live- Streaming the 9am service we are looking for people that are willing to set up and run the device. You don’t need experience we can show you what to do. If this is something you can help with or would like to talk it through please contact Jen Cox on or Ruth Hutchings on




FACEBOOK GROUPS you might find useful

‘Ulverston Parish Church’
‘UPC – Church Family’
‘Faith 4 Furness Families’
‘Self Isolation Ulverston’


We would love to hear from you!
Send your news, encouragements, prayers or pictures to



Bishops Harvest Appeal

  • Praise God for £80,000 raised in Cumbria in the last 3 years.
  • Thank God for the generous giving this year.
  • Pray for the projects receiving support this year: The Mothers Union Literacy and Agriculture Project in the DRC, a programme supporting women who have been subject to physical and sexual abuse, and the Christian Aid programme building peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territory.

Ulverston Food Waste Project

  • We give thanks to God for all the wonderful food that we enjoy.
  • We remember before God many in the UK who struggle to feed themselves and their families, whilst millions of tonnes of edible food goes to landfill.
  • We repent of the greed that leads to food waste.
  • Give thanks for those working locally to eliminate food waste and food poverty.
  • Knowing that God calls us as His people to care for those who are hungry, ask God to show us as a church how we can support and be involved with this work.


  • Thank God for the establishment of a CAP centre at UPC, supporting those in debt.
  • Pray for wisdom for those leading the project, that safe ways of working with clients can continue during the pandemic
  • Pray for more volunteers to come forward in order that more people can be helped


  • Praise God for the fruitfulness of Alpha
  • Give thanks that many more people are joining Alpha groups online
  • Pray for those participating in the local Alpha courses across South Lakes.
  • Pray for all those involved in leading the course, that they will receive the gift of wisdom and discernment.

Children and Young People

  • Pray for peace and confidence for Hannah and Ruth as they seek to continue to make Christ known to the young people of the area during the pandemic. Pray that they will be bold and wise in their endeavours.
  • Thank God for all the young people we have contact with, and pray that they and their parents will experience peace from God as they navigate the changes to school life that have been brought about by COVID-19