God made a beautiful world, but the people were spoiling it, doing so many wrong and evil things that God was sad and angry. He decided to send a flood to get rid of all the people except for Noah and his family, because Noah was a good man and tried to live his life God’s way.

God told Noah to build a massive ship, called an ark. He told Noah to take pairs of every kind of animal, insect and bird on to the ark to keep them safe from the flood. Noah built the ark, loaded on his family and all the animals, then God shut the door and it started to rain! It rained for a very long time, forty days and nights without stopping! Even when it did stop, there was only water all around the ark.

At last, the water drained away and there was dry land again; after nearly a year on the ark God told Noah it was safe to get off! God promised Noah that he would never flood the whole earth again, and as a sign of His promise, God put a rainbow in the sky.

Read the whole story in Genesis 6-9

Now here is a question for you…

Do you have an animal, insect, reptile or bird you would like to add to the ark?