God has promised His people, the Israelites that they will live in the country of Canaan and control its cities. The city of Jericho had a huge wall around it with great big, strong gates which were barred so that the Israelites could not go in. But God sent a messenger (an angel) to Joshua, the leader of Israel, to tell him that God was giving him the city of Jericho but not through a battle or by fighting… by shouting! This is what God told Joshua to do, for seven days the people of Israel were to walk once around the walls of Jericho each day.

The procession was led by seven priests blowing trumpets, but everybody else was to stay quiet. On the seventh day, they were to walk around Jericho seven times, and on the last time to shout! Joshua and the Israelites did this for six days, on the seventh day they walked around six times quietly, then on the seventh time round everybody shouted at the top of their voices and the walls of the city collapsed!! Joshua and his army could go into the city and claim it for Israel, as God had told them to do.

Read the whole story in Joshua 6

Now here is a question for you…

Can you build a wall taller than yourself? Select a horn to blow while walking around your very tall wall. You are welcome to take a horn with you.