Joseph was part of a very big family, he had ten older brothers and one little brother. Their father, Jacob, loved all of his sons; but Joseph was his favourite. His brothers were very jealous of all the fuss their father made of Joseph. They were very angry and wouldn’t even speak to Joseph. To make matters worse, one day Jacob gave Joseph a very special coat, made from beautiful cloth of many colours.

Joseph was a dreamer, but not just ordinary dreams, Joseph’s dreams  were messages from God. God also helped him understand other people’s dreams. Joseph told his brothers that his dreams showed that he would one day be more important than any of them! This made his brothers so angry they attacked Joseph and took his beautiful coat, then sold him to some strangers as a slave.

The brothers took his coat home to their father and told him that Joseph was dead! But Joseph was very much alive and his dreams would eventually come true. 

Read the full story in Genesis 37 & 39-46


Now here is a question for you…

Have you ever felt jealous of something or somebody?