Jigsaw Prayers 19/8/18

  • Please pray that God will open doors and link Jigsaw with organisations in the Philippines who will be able to supply food and nutritious supplements for our Health and Well Being Program. The rising numbers of children in need of food and nutrition is meaning Jigsaw cannot provide for all of their needs, there are many large organisations with a lot of food for such children, but we need God to help us make the links. Amen.
  • Please pray for Reynante the father of a very poor and needy street family that God may heal his eyes and guide Jigsaw to find the help he needs. He is going blind and not able to work anymore to provide for his family. Amen.
  • Please pray for Jigsaw to find buildings for our work in both the San Beda and Sampalukan urban poor areas. Amen.
  • Please pray for the following children who are sick and unwell and are being supported by Jigsaw’s health program: Yuan (hospitalised with high fever) Rey (an eye injury.) Nanay Elizabeth (eye problems,) Noel and Yolly weakness and malnutrition, Editha (lump in her stomach, hospitalised.) Amen.
  • Please pray for funds for Jigsaw as we are really struggling at the moment as pesos to the pound go down and costs and inflation go up. Please pray that God will open the doors for more/new churches, organisations and individuals to support Jigsaw financially and for the gifts/funds we need now to be provided. Amen.