Daniel was a Hebrew slave who had been taken from his own country to live and work in Babylon. Daniel really loved God and tried hard to follow God’s rules, to pray and listen to God. He was such a good, hard working man, Daniel became a very important person in the government. He became one of three chief ministers. He was also a special favourite of the king, Darius the Mede.

Some of the other men in the government were jealous of Daniel and decided they needed to get rid of him. So they went to King Darius and persuaded him to make a law that people were only allowed to pray to Darius. If anyone broke the law they would be thrown into the lions’ den!

As they knew he would, Daniel continued to pray to God three times every day, so they reported him to the king! King Darius was very sad when he realised that Daniel would be thrown to the lions but he could not change the law. As the sun was setting Daniel was thrown to the lions and the den was sealed with a stone.

Very early the next morning, King Darius went to the lion’s den and called to Daniel… and Daniel answered him! God had closed the mouths of the lions and kept Daniel safe! He was brought out and King Darius made a new decree that everyone should worship and pray to God, as Daniel did.

Read the full story in Daniel 6

Now here is a question for you…

Can you think of a time when something good came out of a bad situation?