Even before Jesus was born, it was always part of God’s rescue plan for the world that Jesus would be crucified. The Jews, God’s people, did not understand that Jesus was the Messiah, the Saviour they had been waiting for, for so long. The religious leaders gave Jesus to the Roman rulers to be put to death even though he had never done anything wrong.

The soldiers laughed at Jesus and made a crown from a thorn bush and placed it on his head before nailing Him to the cross, next to two criminals. Jesus died on the cross, because of all the wrong things that people have done or will ever do, but not before He said “It is finished!” Jesus knew He had completed His Father God’s plan.

Jesus’ body was put into a tomb, like a big cave, and the Roman soldiers put a big rock across the opening and set a guard on it. 

It was a sad, dark day, but this was not the end of the story.

Read the whole story in Matthew 27:32-54

Now here is a question for you…

How do we remember Jesus’s death today?