Catalogue of Resources

for Children and Family Ministry                                                       

We remain committed to supporting children and families and are praying for them at this time.

Messy Church have published these key points to keep in mind when incorporating faith at home:

  • Get started: It is never too late to start exploring, discussing and living out faith in the home.
  • Flexibility: There is no set or right way to live out faith in the home. What works for one family will not be right for another. It is important to work out what works best for you.
  • Build in: Families need not add pressure to their already busy lives by creating numerous additional hours every week. It is possible to build faith into the everyday activities that they already do.
  • Learn together: Adults do not have to know all the answers. It is more important to be on a journey together as a family. People may all be at different stages but will enjoy the opportunity to explore, discuss and learn about faith together.
  • No judgement: It is not about success and failure, or about measuring levels of faith. Faith is an ongoing learning experience throughout life.
  • Include others: Faith in the home is not necessarily restricted to those living under the same roof but can also include the extended family, friends and the wider church. For those in a church setting, inviting those who are single, divorced and widowed offers a richness of experience and enables important relationships to be established. This may be even more beneficial if a family does not have close or easy contact with their relatives.
  • Have fun! Whatever the family’s preferences and learning styles, one of the key aspects is enjoyment. It is worth taking time to find out what works best for a family, taking into consideration ages, time and budget available. Be flexible and adapt as the seasons of family life change.


Sunday Worship Alternatives (on screen)

‘Worship for Everyone’ (under 11s):

For babies and toddlers:


Sunday Worship Alternatives (not on screen)

Church @ Home (4-11 years) – Click here to download the latest PDF

Faith @ Play (under 5) – Click here to download the latest PDF


Podcasts for families


Family Devotionals

Online devotional study –

‘Barnabus Family Bible’ –


Engaging Children’s Bibles (stories to read aloud)

‘The Lion Story Teller Bible’ –

Rhyming Bible –


Printable Resources

Bible Chat Mats –

‘Together At Home’ Facebook group offers weekly printable resources – Visit the Together at Home Facebook Group

‘Illustrated Ministry’ have produced a free booklet of beautiful printable colouring pages – Download PDF

‘Pilgrimage at Home’ from Bath & Wells Diocese allows you to go on a journey both spiritually and physically within your own home with activities, Bible verses, reflections and prayers – Download Pilgrimage at Home

‘ROOTS’ (weekly printable activity sheets) – Visit the ROOTS website
‘Frog & Gnome’ (free booklet of colouring pages) – Visit the Frog & Gnome website


Ideas for Faith at Home (not on screen)


Ideas for Faith at Home (on screen)


‘Guardians of Ancora’ (Free online parkour game/app) –

‘Adventures in Odyssey’ (Radio program and videos) –

The Bible app –


‘Jesus Story Book Bible’ read by David Suchet (Illustrated Bible stories) –

‘The Beginner’s Bible’ (Illustrated Bible stories) –

‘Story Keepers’(Illustrated Bible stories) –


Podcasts for Parents and Carers


Websites, blogs and articles for parents

‘Faith at Home (YCW)’ (digital magazine) – Visit the Faith at Home website
‘Starting faith at home’:

Children’s Everyday Faith –

‘Parenting for Faith’ –



Be Refreshed (14 devotionals) – Download Be Refreshed


Talking about Coronavirus with children


Dealing with anxiety

Click here for books to help children deal with anxiety


Seasonal Resources

Lent & Easter activities –

Journey to the Cross / Holy Week activities (daily devotionals) – Click here to download the PDF


Resources for Young People


of this material

Faith &

A Network Youth Church podcast about faith in real life for young pepole. Andy and Ruth explore different topics with young people and special guests.



This is a resource of short videos which is designed to help you make good choices to live well when life shakes you.


Prayer Spaces at Home

Ideas of different, engaging ways to pray in your own home, by yourself or with others.


The Bible Project

If you fancy diving deeper into the Bible with engaging, animated videos, this is the place for you.


YouVersion Bible App

Keep the Bible with you all the time. Easy to use, lots of versions, thousands of Bible studies, helpful notifications.



Christian meditation made simple. This app is easy to use and very soothing

If you would like any more ideas, support or would just like to chat or pray, please contact Ruth Hutchings via email at